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Apollo MedFlight

Rotor and Fixed Wing

(866) 443-5566 Dispatch

Apollo MedFlight provides 24-hour emergency and non-emergency air medical transport throughout the world using our technologically advanced communications center staffed by medical transport specialists.  Every aircraft is configured with state of the art medical technology for mission critical transport.  The medical team constantly seeks new technologies which provide better service to our patients and clients.  Combining superior aircraft and medical equipment with our professional team of aviation and medical specialists allows us to meet our objective of always providing our patients with the best possible outcome.  Apollo coordinates all ground transportation services, and the patient is accompanied bedside to bedside by our medical flight team.  This uninterrupted transition between medical facilities helps to reduce the patient’s stress and helps to prevent monitored patient health data from being incorrectly communicated to the receiving facility’s medical staff.  Apollo has been awarded accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services (CAMTS).  The voluntary process includes on-site surveys and a comprehensive review of the company’s operations including patient care, safety standards, quality improvement activities, education, equipment, staffing, communications, maintenance and management.  This accreditation is a validation of the commitment that we have to provide safe and high quality care.


Rotor and Fixed Wing

(888) 543-3771 Dispatch

LIFESTAR has served the Texas Panhandle and surrounding states since 1993. As the regions first CAMTS accredited air medical provider, LIFESTAR has transported more than 18,500 patients to definitive care. LIFESTAR’s Mission is to provide high quality, rapid critical care transport to the citizens of the Texas Panhandle and Tri-State area.  LIFESTAR strives to continually perform all of its duties in the safest manner possible to ensure crew, patient and public trust.  LIFESTAR operates both rotor and fixed-wing aircraft 24/7 to provide transport for both hospital transfers and scene flights.  The LIFESTAR medical crew consists of a highly trained and experienced Registered Nurse and a highly trained and experienced Paramedic for every transport. LIFESTAR also has dedicated specialty teams for the High Risk OB and Neonatal populations.  Our Aircraft have State-Of-The-Art Technology For Enhanced Safety And Performance to include Night Vision Goggles capable aircraft providing crews a significant increase in the level of risk mitigation for night flights over unfamiliar terrain. XM Satellite Weather to provide pilots with real-time weather updates.  TACS (Traffic collision avoidance system) in the cockpit to avoid other aircraft in the increasingly busy airspace.  Satellite tracking of flights for continuous real-time monitoring for all aircraft in the regional communication centers.  Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Warning Systems (HTAWS) shows approaching obstacles, so pilots can steer clear well in advance.  GPS navigation and communication that makes navigation calculations at a rapid speed making it easier for pilots to read and interpret critical information. Integrated satellite telephone technology to ensure communications beyond line of sight radio coverage areas.  LIFESTAR is coordinated by our dedicated dispatch and transfer center located at Northwest Texas Healthcare System with highly trained and experienced Flight Communication Specialists and Transfer Coordinators.  Our center will coordinate and assist with all your transport needs. LIFESTAR is part of the AirMedCare Network, the nation’s largest network of air medical providers.

Rico Aviation

Rotor and Fixed Wing

(806) 331-7426 Dispatch

Rico Aviation is dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate, high quality air ambulance medical care to patients needing fixed wing aero medical transport throughout the Continental United States.  We are certified by the state of Texas, New Mexico and Colorado to operate as a MICU, Critical Care, fixed wing air ambulance.  Rico Aviation is a complete bed-to-bed service utilizing the latest, state of the art equipment available. We strive to provide the highest quality of care possible.

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